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Children in our Reception are immersed in a wide range of activities to encourage and support each child’s learning and development. The children experience free flow throughout our indoor and outdoor spaces, whilst being able to explore and mix with their peers. Each activity will be underpinned by crucial learning; within the seven areas of the EYFS, based around a weekly theme, whilst children engage in their learning through play. We like to change our themes on a weekly basis to capture and motivate the children with exciting ideas and topics. These will always come from the children’s interests and experiences.

Children will learn through a mixture of independent learning; where children choose their own activities to engage in, adult focused activities; which they will complete with one of the adults, and whole class learning. The children will work with all adults within the provision and will experience all areas of the environment on a daily basis.

Our Reception space accommodates a cohort of 60 children, who are each assigned one of two qualified teachers, along with additional support staff.  On entry to Reception, the children will be given the opportunity to get to know all members of the team and all the children in their cohort. Adults will take time to build relationships with the children, whilst observing how the children settle into the environment. Adults will use these observations, information from previous settings, parents and friendships being formed whilst setting into their new routine, to support class groupings.

Working in partnership with parents is of the upmost importance to us. Throughout children’s time in Reception there will be many opportunities for parents to explore and learn with them in the school environment, seeing the activities they enjoy and how they learn with us. We use an online platform where adults in school share children’s learning journeys with parents. It also allows parents to share their child’s achievements, interests and learning at home with adults in school, supporting us to share in the children’s development.

Our team have the children at the centre of what we do, providing a supportive environment where children feel safe to develop as an individual. We know that starting school is a big step for you and your child, and we are confident that we provide children and families with a positive, happy and exciting start to their school life.

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