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House Teams

Fostering Team Spirit

We have four houses at The Radstone Primary School, Pegasus, Griffin, Phoenix and Dragon. Each child will stay in the same house throughout their time at The Radstone Primary School and we aim to ensure that new pupils will follow their siblings through the same house. Children will be able to earn points individually towards their house total, but also develop their teamwork and collaboration skills across year groups. This is through whole-school tasks and competitions across a wide variety of activities including sports, arts and academics too. The outcome being the development of a house-team spirit across all age groups from Reception to Year 6.

The Teams

The Radstone Primary School House Cup is awarded by combining all the individual house points children earn over the academic year, along with the scores from termly house competitions and the KS1 & KS2 sports days in the summer. Congratulations go to Pegasus who were the 2022/23 House champions!

House Wall of Champions:

2022/23 - Pegasus

2021/22 - Pegasus

2020/21 - Griffin