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We have an extremely dedicated team who work together to ensure the children of The Radstone Primary School receive the very best start to their education.

Executive PrincipalMs A Curtis (DSL)
Head of SchoolMiss J Jeffery (DSL)
Assistant Head TeacherMiss S Matthews (Lead DSL)
Mrs R Hughes
SENCOMrs L Alder (DSL)
Administration StaffMrs B Coleman
Miss B Wharton
ReceptionMrs M Beddall (DSL)
Miss B Fry
Year 1
Mrs K Price
Mrs S Browne
Year 2Miss S Price
Mrs L Semmens
Year 3Mrs L Homans
Mrs L Tseronis
Mrs R Pantrey
Year 4Mr C McGillivray
Mrs C Delvalle
Miss S Matthews (Lead DSL)
Year 5Mrs S Leese
Mrs E Rigby
Year 6Mrs R Hughes
Mrs B Fanthorpe
PEMrs J Keites
Mr C Howard
ArtMrs K Fulford
MusicMs L Wickham
Teaching Support Staff
ReceptionMrs K Emms
Mrs C Locke
Mrs E Willcox
Miss A Turner
Miss A Wilding
Year 1Mrs E White
Mrs M Williams
Mrs A Montague
Miss H Bodily
Year 2Mrs V Allen
Mrs E Aris
Mrs E Rumsey
Year 3Miss C Pepper
Mrs C Woodward
Year 4Miss V Fischer
Mrs T Brunning
Year 5Mrs C Kersey
Mrs S Jacobs
Year 6Mrs C Evans
Mrs E Rumsey
Site SupervisorMr A Gilbert
Lunchtime SupervisorsMrs J Umwangavuj
Mrs C Stephenson-Grech


Executive PrincipalMs A Curtis
Head of SchoolMiss J Jeffery
Chair of Academy TrustMrs K Falvey
Chair of Governors
Trustee/Trust Appointed Governor
Mrs S Brown
Vice-Chair of Governors/ Trust Appointed GovernorMrs S Rowe
Trust Appointed GovernorMr D Kane
Trust Appointed GovernorMr G Lee
Trustee Link GovernorMr C Nikel
Parent GovernorMr C Kirby
Parent GovernorMr K Tseronis
Staff GovernorMrs S Matthews
Staff GovernorMrs B Fry
Assistant Head & Associate GovernorMrs R Hughes
Company SecretaryMr J Davis
ClerkMrs T Elkin



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